Security envelopes

Security envelopes are a product designed to highlight any attempt to open (even unauthorized). Our envelopes are made entirely in our headquarters and boast an Italian quality production process.

We have a range of standard envelopes designed for a specific application. They feature predefined formats, graphics, thicknesses and configurations.

Our in-house production allows us to create customised envelopes according to customer demand. You can choose the size, colours and graphics and add extra features to increase the security of your envelope.

Standard envelopes 

Standard envelopes are manufactured by our in-house production and have different features depending on the type of use. Each envelope is designed to meet a specific need and is adapted to the level of security required by the customer.

We have many different formats for each model. You can choose the envelope that best suits your product.



Busta E-commerce

E-commerce envelope

Busta di sicurezza

Security envelope

Busta di campionamento

High security sampling envelope

Busta di massima sicurezza

High security envelope

Busta porta valori

Coins envelope

Packing list adhesive

Adhesive packing list are designed to protect documents with information about the exchange of a sensitive item. They are pasted to envelopes, boxes or transport pallets by the special sticker on the back. The transparent material allows the information in the documents inside to be read without having to remove them. It protects against atmospheric agents or other damage that may occur during transport.

Busta adesiva portadocumenti  con scritta

Adhesive packing list - Document enclosed

Busta adesiva portadocumenti neutra

Adhesive packing list

Customised envelopes

Most of our products can be customised based on the customer’s request.

Our envelopes can be made in different sizes,, graphics and materials.In addition, they can be customised with additional elements based on the purpose of use such as a handle, pocket, a particular type of closure or side sealing.

If you are unsure of your choice, we can create a tailor-made design and help to choose the envelope that best suits your needs.