ISO 9001 Certificate

Our production processes are ISO 9001 certified!

We are proud that our day-to-day operations has been recognised as structured and robust in very short time.

Why do we choose to certificate us?

We are a company that produces and sells security seals, envelopes and other complementaryproducts entirely produced in our Italian deadquarter. As a growing company, we needed to define our working method to follow and the ISO certificate has represented the ideal solution to identify our company guideline. 

What does the certification testify?

The ISO ceritication testifies to the company's business processes according to the standards defined by the International Organization for Standardization. It aims helping organisations to develop and improve their performance, as well as to guarantee high levels of service quality and to show the transparency towards their targeted markets.

In our case, we have decided to certify all internal processes: from commercial process, to the logistics up to the production process.

How do we obtain the certification?

We initially studied the context where our company operates assesing external risk factors and opportunities from a social, environmental and economic perspective and then analisying the player in the market and the partners with whom we interact every day. 

In a second step, we assessed the strenghts and weaknesses of our company with a critical look at our daily activities. In particular, for each processes, we analysed the internal references, the documents used up to genral operation assessing efficiency and effectiveness.

It was an experience that went beyond the goal of obtaning the certification. It represented for us an opportunity of internal analysis and reflection that made us aware not only of our value but also where we can grow. All done with a specific focus: the continuous optimisation and improvment.