Oniloc is CSI certified for the circular economy!

A new concept: Circular Plastic Certified 

This new step aims to make possible the 3 main purposes of cicular economy:

  1. 1. REDUCE - Reduce the stokpiles, that can find a new use, decreasing the need of virgin raw materials
  2. 2. REUSE - Reuse the processing by-products, that can be reinserted in the production cycle according to the regulations
  3. RECYCLE - Recycle, i.e. reusing the raw materials allowing a second life to the products

The security seal protects your products and also the environment!

Oniloc is pleased to present you the first tamper-proof recycled security seal.

We produce from recycled plastic revolutionizing the market and removing the "single use" thanks to the new life that we can generate with recycled plastic products.

logo plastica riciclata produzione sigilli di sicurezza - Oniloc