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Frequent questions


What security seal?

• The seal is an interlocking closure system.

• The seal guarantees the hermetic sealing of an envelope, a bag, a truck, a container etc.

What's a seal for?

The seal guarantees the integrity of the goods so that it arrives at the recipient in the same state in which it was shipped.

If it has the metal insert, is it more resistant?


Let's destroy a myth: resistance is measured by Newton, an instrument for measuring the power of the material. The seal for too high a transformation can also break in the tail, not necessarily on the interlocking hole, therefore the presence of the metal insert does not determine its resistance.

Can I possibly choose an "out list" color?

Yes, we are also very flexible on coloring. We have other more refined colors, do not hesitate to request them. We always try to meet the needs of our customers


What are the delivery times?

Immediate delivery: neutral seal (without personalization).
Delivery in a week: urgent (personalized) order.
Guaranteed delivery under 35 days: standard (personalized) order.


 che parta il carico dal nostro magazzino. Le variazioni si basano sulla quantità maggiore o minore.

Le buste di sicurezza personalizzate invece richiedono delle tempistiche maggiori in quanto il prodotto customizzato viene studiato dalla grafica, alla realizzazione finale.