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Security seals on customs

Seals used on international transport/customs:

traditional seals
electronical seals


The electronical seals guarantee:

  • 70% time saved at borders and customs gates thanks to your RFID antenna.
  • The check of seal during move while it cross the borders.
  • Traceability of each Customs where the seal is read.
  • 30% reduction of CO2 emissions due to the decrease in traffic.
  • Quick delivery.



Bolt seals

Cavo metallico

Metal cable seal

The most used seals for the closure of the containers are metal cables, bolts and electronic seals.

The order in which they are mentioned is the order of reliability.

The electronic RFID seal  Gea is the best product you can choose.

Discover the features on his page, Gea.



Urano or Gea are seals mainly used to assicurate a strong closing, with them you can match other plastic seals to denominate with logos and different serial code about sender and addressees.

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